Super Dan


Super Dan
Super Dan is a super hero who's only super when he's blackout drunk.  Or maybe he's just that dude at the bar telling tall tales.  Follow the exploits of our inebriated hero and check out the video below too.

Artwork by Jeff Sornig of Sornigrafix.

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Contest Terms and Conditions:

  • Two winners will be chosen on October 4th, 2014 to win one of two grand prize packages.


  • Winners will be contacted by email to obtain their mailing address for Original Super Dan artwork.


  • Digital prizes will be delivered by email to winners within 30 days of announcement.


  • A photo of winner will be required for design of profile icon from Sornigrafix.


  • Phil Johnson will contact winners to set up a date for the private online concert. Concert will be performed through a Google Hangout.


  • The availability of tickets to see Phil Johnson will depend on tour dates in your area and are not guaranteed within a specified amount of time.


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Here Comes My Baby

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Here Comes My Baby

When I was a kid I was really into Greek mythology. I liked the names... Zeus, Athena, Poseidon.. And when I was a teenager I dated a girl with one of those mythological names. We didn't last very long, but I decided to write a song about her.

Check out the video below!



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If I Were A Girl (feat. Tah Phrum Duh Bush)



If I Were A Girl

 What started out as a parody idea for Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy", morphed into something else completely.

This is the story of what would happen if I woke up one morning as a woman.  Yes, same hair.

This song features a guest rap from my pal Tah Phrum Duh Bush, one of New York City's finest linguists.  If you'd like to hear more of his stuff, visit

Click download to name your own price.  Comes with a karaoke version plus a free surprise bonus track and my ebook of short stories and recipes called "Short Stories and Chicken Recipes".

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Rudolph the Blood Soaked Reindeer

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Photo © Copyright Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Rudolph the Blood Soaked Reindeer


In my ongoing series of Christmas songs you're never going to hear played in a grocery store.... A reboot of the classic story in which Rudolph, sick of being bullied, acquires firearms and plans to make his presences violently known.  Does he actually do it?





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A Fistful Of Spaghetti

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A Fistfull Of Spaghetti

A few times over the years, while plunking around, seeking new musical ideas within the depths of my guitar, these oddball little spaghetti-western-esque instrumental tunes would pop out of my head.  They're sort of Ennio Morricone filtered through my jazz influenced brain somehow. 


When I dug the first two songs out of my vault, I decided it might be fun to record a new track too.  Hence the new composition "Out To Get Them" to go along with "El Bandido" and "Haunted Spaghetti".



Stories of the Songs:



El Bandido (2003)
I found this one in a stash of songwriting demos recorded in my bedroom sometime in 2003.


El Bandido rides the trail on the way to his next adventure, keeping a wary eye around him at all times. Suddenly he sees him mark coming up over the rise, a coach laden with gold bars from the bank, but also something far more valuable. He makes his run at it, a fight ensues, and El Bandido walks away a little richer and with that really cute pink hat one of the ladies on board was wearing.



Haunted Spaghetti (1998)


I wrote this one for a project in a college sound recording class circa 1998, I believe.  The partner I was working with wrote a grand Yanni-esque piece for his project, so I tried to do something completely contradictory (shocker...)


Two cowboys asleep by their campfire are awoken by a scream as a phantom in the form of a pantless Milton Berle bears down on them and chases them through the forest until they meet their mysterious end.



Out To Get Them (2013)


When I started remastering the other two tracks for this release, I thought it might be fun to record a new composition to go along with them. 


The Sheriff and his men head out of town at mid-aftenoon for a long hot ride to get their man. As they cross over the ridge out of sight they realize that they're all in this together and they might not come back. Unless one of them forgot his toothbrush. Then they may have to go back and start over again.




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